Our Networks
We are part of a lively network of churches and Christian organisations in the town of Stourbridge and beyond. On this page you can find out about some of our most significant partners.

Churches Together in Stourbridge (CTS)
CTS provides a forum for all the mainstream Christian churches in the town to worship and work together.

Black Country Foodbank
In the current economic crisis, new Foodbanks are being set up all over the country as a way of responding to people in desperate need. The Black Country Foodbank was one of the first ones to be established – back in 2006.

People at Hope Baptist Church Stourbridge have been involved more or less since its inception, bringing foodstuffs every week as they come to church so that they can be passed on to the warehouse.
We make a special effort at Harvest, involving not only members of the congregation but also young people who belong to our youth organisations.
The Foodbank relies entirely on volunteers and some Hope Baptist Church Stourbridge people work on a regular basis at the local distribution centre in the town.

Stourbridge Street Pastors
Stourbridge has a large and active night-time economy with many people – especially young people – coming into the town at weekends for a night out. Street Pastors from several churches in the town work alongside the police, other public bodies and the venues to help out when things go wrong – and some members of the dedicated team are members of Hope Baptist Church Stourbridge.

Stourbridge Life Centre – Debt Advice
The Life Centre is a Stourbridge Churches Together project which offers a Debt Advice Service to anyone who needs it. The service is easily accessed, totally free of charge and strictly confidential. Phone: 01384 442375

Rebirth of Kosova Church
Our church secretary Diana Seeney, has been involved in the work in Kosova and spends time there each year, most recently in June 2017. A number of other people from the church have accompanied them on their visits.