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Hope Baptist is a wonderful community of people who believe that Jesus is alive and well today.  We are living proof because we are a (very small) part of his body, expressing his hope and love for a world in hopelessness and pain.  Far from perfect, but wanting God the Holy Spirit to work in us to be more like Jesus, we reach out to our town and further afield in the faith that He will multiply our meagre efforts as he did with a small boy who gave his packed lunch of two small fish and five barley buns all those years ago.

We would love to meet in person, but in the meantime have a look at what we're about and let us know you're not just in the ether!

Dave Morris, minister



Loving, Serving and Sharing Jesus

We are a warm and loving church community with a variety of ages and backgrounds and you would feel very welcome if you visited us.

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