Street Pastors

The Street Pastor’s initiative, now in its 9th year, continues to be acknowledged as a highly relevant and extremely worthy activity in the town. It just so happens to take place at a time when most people are asleep!!

Street Pastors continue to patrol the streets of Stourbridge from 10pm to about 3am every Saturday night and on some Friday nights too.

We are a friendly face on the streets, able to give assistance to anyone in any trouble or need. Our presence alone often defuses situations and we have assisted numerous people in order to get them home safely.

However, our work also extends beyond that as we often get drawn into conversations with people who clearly have issues with their lives and problems to face and we are able to share something of our faith and to reflect care and concern as Jesus did, through our words and actions.

We give out flip flops to girls unable to walk in their high heels at the end of the evening, pick up bottles and cans so that they cannot be used as weapons and we sweep up broken glass to prevent injuries. We give water to help rehydrate those who need it and give basic first aid when needed.

More recently we have helped homeless people sleeping on the streets of Stourbridge and have tried to sign-post them to get further help from relevant agencies.

We have had several new Street Pastors join the team recently from other churches, and so we have managed to increase our patrols to include some Friday nights.

We are however always looking to recruit new pastors and also prayer pastors for the prayer team.

So that’s Street Pastors making Stourbridge safer by giving a helping hand.